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The focus of this new stage are the advantages of accumulating points from different loyalty programs

São Paulo, November 30, 2009 - Multiplus Fidelidade launched this weekend another stage of the advertising campaign that shows the benefits of the coalition to consumers and introduces its new partners: Walmart, Ipiranga and Livraria Cultura, in addition to TAM Linhas Aéreas and TAM Viagens.

This is the third stage of the advertising campaign of Multiplus Fidelidade, TAM business unit that permits accumulating points from different loyalty programs in a single account, and redeem rewards in several companies, from the most varied segments. In addition to presenting the project, during the first stage consumers were requested to elect their preferred segments to integrate the network. In the second stage, the emphasis was to explain how the program works.

The concept of this new stage is: accumulating points from different programs offers more advantages to consumers. "When accumulating points from different loyalty programs, people have the possibility of redeeming many more rewards. This is Multiplus Fidelidade," explains Manoela Amaro, Marketing Director of TAM.

"Accumulate your points. Multiply your rewards," this is the message that Multiplus Fidelidade wants to put across consumers in network and pay TV, in movie theaters, magazines, the radio, indoor billboards, and on the Internet, as well as in all TAM in-flight media.

The campaign’s film, which starts to be shown on December 2, is funny and was created to involve the audience and entice their curiosity to know more about the program network.

As for printed ads and merchandising material, which start to be placed next weekend, they are more educational and their objective is to render the rewards of Multiplus Fidelidade more tangible. The endorsers, Ana Maria Braga, Ana Hickmann and Milton Neves, were picked to show how the program works.

Multiplus Fidelidade

Created in June 2009, Multiplus Fidelidade is a TAM business unit that operates under the concept of loyalty program network. Using a network, consumers can accumulate points from different loyalty programs in a single account, and redeem rewards in several companies, from the most varied segments: drugstores, gas stations, telephone companies, supermarkets, hotels, movie theaters, bookstores, banks, credit cards, internet service providers, carmakers, etc. Multiplus Fidelidade also allows redeeming points and exchanging them for any domestic or international travel package at TAM Viagens. For more information visit


Client: TAM
Product: Institutional
Title: Points

Creative Directors: Marco Versolato/ Alexandre Vilela (Xã)/ Felipe Gall
Creation: Vinicius Stanzione/ Marco Mattos
RTVC: Nicole Godoy/ Fernanda Curi
Account Managers: Alessandro Cardoni / Daniela Monteiro / Camilla Braga
Client Approval: Manoela Amaro/ Juliana Pompéia/ Rodrigo Trevizan/ Renato Ramos

Image Producer: Ad Studio
Production: Equipe Ad Studio
Direction: Jarbas Agnelli
Executive Production: Aguinaldo Rocca
Producer’s Account Manager: Mariana Mendes
Editing: Equipe Ad Studio
Post-Production: Equipe Ad Studio

Sound: Ad Music
Producer: Jarbas Agnelli
Production Month: November 2009